humor only a biologist could love

Request a Comic

Go for it.

Whether or not I actually have a good idea for it–and make it happen–is up to me, though.

7 responses

  1. David

    Please draw a comic about how wonderful Dell computers are. I will not pay you anything. Thanks!

    9 July 2009 at 9.54 am

  2. But that has absolutely nothing to do with….

    9 July 2009 at 4.04 pm

  3. Velvet worms (Onychophora). Yes. It must be done. :p

    4 January 2011 at 8.53 pm

  4. Those sound amazing :O Got any good links to info about them? Sadly, I never did evolution as a class….

    5 January 2011 at 8.13 pm

  5. There’s some info here:

    Wikipedia is also good. :p

    6 January 2011 at 6.35 am

  6. Ooh, thanks. I will have to read those through :D (Okay, so Wikipedia terrifies me. Anyone willing to write in that much detail for free with no recognition….)

    12 January 2011 at 7.54 pm

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