humor only a biologist could love

Operant Conditioning

I’m not even completely kidding about this one. I imagine sleep is a fairly powerful association–if you’re able to get it going in the first place. (In narcolepsy it’s somehow miswired to emotion circuits: severe narcoleptics can fall asleep in the middle of any kind of hilarity…but are those really emotion circuits? Bring me your tired, your insomniacs, your narcoleptics…this troubled brain yearns to be published).

So I found out from Mary Roach’s “Bonk” that B.F. Skinner ditched his professorship to be with a hot student (maybe T.A.)–from the University of Chicago. Da-amn.

P.S. the second & third panels are negative and positive conditioning, respectively.


2 responses

  1. jrwhitener

    I went back and read through some of your older posts. I only understand about two thirds of the comics and the commentary, but the ones I do make me laugh. Also, I’m probably missing the underlayers of humor related to the topics.

    As far as this one, no matter where I go, unless ran to the point of physical exhaustion sleep is a slippery state to hold.

    12 April 2012 at 5.43 pm

  2. Haha, thanks! And yes they are pretty bio-specific.

    Normally I don’t sleep well, but on a plane…I’m out during the taxi. Which is awesome.

    12 April 2012 at 9.09 pm

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