humor only a biologist could love

Doctor House, Ph.D.

There’s at least one episode where someone actually asks House why he isn’t in research, if he’s so smart and curious.

It’s simple…because he would lose all funding and protocol approvals within about fifteen minutes of setting up process. So he’s supposed to be like Sherlock Holmes…the funny thing is, the process that guy follows isn’t all that logical. Deductive reasoning, sure, but there are totally other probable options besides the single one he’s thought of…I just wish I had that kind of luck, then. :O

What do you mean, you can tell I’ve never been to a paper review? (Besides the fact that they can be conducted remotely? But I suspect anyone like House would get called in all the time to explain himself.)


One response

  1. Ed

    “Dr. House, my PCR isn’t working! What should I do?”

    “Your ebola concentration is too low. Use more ebola.”

    20 January 2012 at 6.53 pm

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