humor only a biologist could love

Retina Display

Too lazy to dig it up, but I read something about how “retina display” is totally misleading. For one, you can’t compare the human eye’s resolution to pixel resolution (unless reality really is the Matrix…), for two, the human eye should actually be able to see more pixels per square inch than in the current high-resolution iPhone4. I wonder if Apple will get bit for false advertising? Maybe Steve Jobs will tell me to cease and desist (seriously, go find the original version of the Futurama episode with the eyePhone, it’s awesome. Stupid bastards).

Also, did you know the human retina is back to front? I can’t remember if this is just mammals or not, but the rods and cones are actually at the bottom layer, beneath all the other crap. Personally, this makes sense: the retina is part of the brain, and as such is connected by a fiber rather than a nerve tract…it already has a ridiculously long time delay (15 milliseconds? does that sound right?), making the thing longer would just make this worse.


(For the record, I drew/wrote the second panel totally wrong. The retina is all six layers, including the cells that interpret the signals the rods and cones receive. It’s not the bipolar cells that would have to be included as well, it’s the primary visual cortex, whose job it is to sort things out.)


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