humor only a biologist could love

Kinesthetic Learning

Dear physicists: we will ally with you if you lend us your Van de Graff generators.  And also the nuclear stuff.

Kinesthetic learning is, in short, learning through doing. The other main types of learning are visual, auditory, and rote: seeing, hearing, and repetition. (I sort of made that third category up, but it takes pieces of visual and auditory–seems to be its own thing.)

There are plenty of stories about archaeologists and anthropologists who attempt to better understand ancient cultures by doing what they did…building pyramids, trebuchets, and–my personal favorite–mummifying a man in the Egyptian style (they found the brain comes out more easily through the nostrils if a little water is added first. Useful!).

A word to my cellular neuroscience professor, who was a pretty cool dude: Please add a segment where students get to poke giant squids. It’s very depressing to hear about experiments and not actually do them!


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